Surfaces and Dade Coating

The fascination with concrete as a material comes from its patina. Each piece is unique. We use the rule: one shell is one casting. Our quality is 100% Swiss craftsmanship. The random patterns, marls and colors belong to concrete like a growth ring belongs to a tree.

Through the addition of pigment, we can add color to the concrete. Additional colors are available upon request.

Our Offer for Surface Treatment

Dade Coating (our recommendation)

Protects the surface over the long term against stains and wear
Perfect appearance and look-and-feel

Long-term protection against the formation of stains with 12-hour protection


Mechanical damage to the surface is possible (similar to many other materials, such as slate, wood and Corian).

A concrete patina will not be created.

Bees’ Wax


Protects the surface


A concrete patina will be created quickly.

Natural product*


Formation of stains

* All products from are suitable for food. We avoid nano-technology completely. Our products do not contain any cobalt.


Please read our product characteristics and maintenance instructions, which are an integrated component of our general business terms and conditions.

The Coating

Treating the surface is elementary for concrete kitchens and concrete sinks. has invested a lot of time, energy and money in order to develop an exceptional coating.

You will an impressive example on YouTube about how efficiently the coating works. The test was made for a high-altitude clinic, which uses foam baths with spruce oil. There are hardly any substances that are more evil for concrete. The bottom part of the countertop was not treated.